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39: The Riddle of 6ix

The most feared bounty hunter in Welkin is born, trained under the cruel tutelage of 1000 Years and then sent on his first mission - a mission to kill a demon of the Nine Hells.

38: This Way Comes

Priest James speaks to the villainous Witches of LayRo Palm. Will he survive the encounter and save his goddaughter?

37: Counsel of the Ungodly

The Provost and Anjelica go after the Witches of LayRo Palm, who (until recently) are condemned to live out their days trapped in a pit of lava.

36: The Final Conflict

Kreyvex, Lyssa, Kumara, Thad Bannon, Achilles, Clan Thamro and the Myrmidon's try to hold off the siege of the royal city; and, at long last, in the Nine Hells, Seth Thamro, Jenna Kiss, the Provost, the Tarragon, Billsby and Anjelica take on Ursula!

35: Sisters of the Dragon

Anjelica and the Provost encounter the Tarragon, who hungers for revenge. Meanwhile, Seth, while wandering the Nine wounded from his battle with Sindel, runs into Dagon. Will our heroes even make it to Ursula?

34: Coins for the Ferryman

Anjelica and the Provost arrive in the Nine Hells, but find themselves a good ways from Ursula's lair. They must receive a boat ride from Hell's infamous Ferryman. But can they trust him?

33: Prayer for the Dying

Seth Thamro, powerless and terrified in the Nine Hells, remains on the run for his life from the Tarragon, Dagon and Sindel.

32: Glueless

Thamro and the Tarragon are on the run from demons, Jenna and Billsby are running from Ba-al Khan, and Useless has to warn the Queen about the bewitched armies headed to destroy Finn.

31: The Arms of Orion

Thamro, Jenna and Billsby remain prisoners in the soul caravan of Sindel and Ba-al Khan. Upon arrival in the "Torso" of Hell, however, we learn that Orion - the god of the Torso, has specific plans for Seth.


  • Loving it
    April 2, 2018 by The GDDM from United States

    I am two episodes in and working on number 3 right now. Super interested in seeing how this story goes! If you've been wanting a new audio drama with a comic book kick, this is the place be.

  • Creative and Refreshing
    February 26, 2016 by Andrew Harvell from United States

    You won't want to miss. Great story telling!

  • What is Thamro?
    February 22, 2016 by xph1le from United States

    Do yourself a favor & take time out of your day TODAY just to listen to Episode 0: What is Thamro but please make sure to listen to the entire thing. The last minute made me cry laughing & it definitely made my day better!

  • Wow, Yes & Classic
    February 18, 2016 by ShadowLeader124 from United States

    Saw this podcast on the new and noteworthy section here on iTunes and thought the art work looked cool. Well all I can say, is WOW. This is not your typical podcast. I wasn’t expecting, voice over actors, narrations and sound fx’s. I love the production value that went into THAMRO. I can’t believe so much work went into a POPCAST. The story drops you right into the mix and keeps you hanging from one episode to the next. I ending up binge listening to all the episode. Good writing and good sound. Instant Classic. Yes I would recommend.

  • Comic for the ears!
    February 18, 2016 by ThatSpadeGirl from United States

    Great audio book for comic book fans! These days it's tough to find the time to sit and read with so much else going on. I like comics (love the artwork) and with Thamro I get to listen while I'm working! I even listen in bed. It's like someone reading me a bedtime story! Aww, yeeaaah. It's very well composed, edited, and the voiceover talent performs well. The artwork even has its own vibe. Like the tag line says... it's a comic book for the ears! I'm a fan of audio books for convenience and entertaiment!

  • You won't be able to put it down
    February 18, 2016 by NotlawD from United States

    I listened to one episode of Thamro and couldn't stop until I had listened to them all. It's full of action and suspense and keeps you wanting more. I already can't wait for the next season!

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