Seth Thamro

Name: Seth Thamro
Aliases: Thamro
Age: 20
Powers & Abilities: Super Strength
Weapons: Convergence (The Sword of Elyon)

Seth Thamro was born “dead” – stillborn – the result of a spell cast by the Provost.  He is the son of Leslie of House Sunflower (Kreyvex) and Lyssa Merlness.  After he was stillborn, the Provost resurrected him with blood magic, and then took him to Kumara of House Spade (of the Myrmidons) to raise as her own.  Seth trained to become a warrior during this time, taking on the mantle of the “Thamro’s” – a clan formed after the Myrmidons split into factions.  Once the Myrmidons reformed, however, he became the last of the clan – and thus is now the only one to have the name.

Kumara raised Seth until he was age thirteen, at which time the Provost returned and took him.  For the next seven years, Seth served the Provost as a warrior agent, taking on the likes of the Hordes of Macklin, the demon Medusa and even Arch Magus Damien Lucien.

During the battle with Lucien, Seth was struck with a spell called “The Saviors Hand”.  This spell brought him from a stillborn, blood magic resurrected, “walking dead” zombie, to a fully-functioning, living, breathing, natural man; but as a result, he suffered extreme memory loss – including the loss of his blood magical powers.  His sword was also impacted by the spell, gaining sentience and becoming “Convergence”.

Seth’s new powers come directly from Elyon, the most powerful being in the known universe.  Convergence is the conduit through which Elyon (usually) empowers Seth.  Seth speaks the trigger word (Thamro) and is endowed with super strength, agility, reflexes, speed and endurance.  Seth’s skin and bones also become extremely dense, protecting him from edged weapons, blunt attacks, magical attacks and a variety of projectile weapons.  Only enchanted weapons, or basic weapons wielded by extremely powerful beings, have been able to make him bleed.

While Seth has never measured his physical strength limitations, on average, when endowed with Elyon’s power (and while Convergence is in close proximity) he can lift around 75 tons with relative ease; 90 or so tons with intense effort and slightly north of 100 tons under extreme duress.

Without Elyon’s power, Seth still has better-than-normal power, but more around the 800 pound mark.  The longer he is separated from physical contact with Convergence, Elyon’s power in him starts to fade.  He can also relinquish power back to Elyon by speaking the trigger word a second time.

When powered by Elyon, Seth can run at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, jump about a mile straight up and is agile enough to catch projectiles in his bare hands.

Seth was trained by the Myrmidons – Achilles’ personal warriors, and was said to be among their most accomplished; so even without Convergence, Seth is a formidable warrior; but with Elyon’s power, armed with Convergence, Seth is extremely difficult to beat.  He is only 20, however, and his youth and inexperience often get the best of him.

Convergence is also gifted with a variety of powers that he can call upon, including (but not limited to) flight, shields, return on command, sentience, chain lightning and dimensional travel.

Seth’s uniform is also endowed with magical enchantments.  The “T” belt allows short distance, “line of sight” teleporation.  His head shielding protects him from head injuries as well as mental magicks.

Seth did not always wear a full mask.  He adopted the look once he learned that “the Ghost”, a famed bounty hunter, was contracted to kill him.  He donned the mask to help conceal his identity and just kept the look.

Seth Thamro Transforming
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