Name: Anjelica
Aliases: Anjelica IceWalker
Age: 177
Powers & Abilities: Dragon Blood, Song of the Dragon, Martial Skills, Intelligence, Cunning, Guile
Weapons: Blade of the Golden Dragon

Anjelica Icewalker is the daughter of Thor Icewalker and Red Destiny – a female red dragon.  Thor, a warrior and descendant of a long line of human/dragon intermarriage, wielded the title of “Tarragon”, which in dragon tongue means “Dragon god”.  The War of the Dragons was the result of the dragon community being split on whether or not dragons and humans should mix romantically.  

Dragons have the ability to take on human form – and many did, having sexual relations with various humans, but never “sullying the line of dragons with half-breed children”, as the elder dragons put it.  Red Destiny gave birth to Agina and then to Anejelica, but was killed by Dominus, the oldest of the onyx dragons, who’d had enough of the intermarriages.  

Thor and the family of Red Destiny, took bloody revenge on Dominus – which ended the War of the Dragons, but also saw the death of 90% of the dragons that still lived.  It wasn’t long before dragons were extinct in Welkin.

Because of her dragon blood, Anjelica is easily over 100 years old, but never appears to be any older than 30.  Anjelica’s sister Agina took the mantle of “Tarragon” from their father when he died.  

Anjelica is an accomplished warrior, but those skills pale in comparison to her charms, wit and guile. She could just as easily kill you with her cunning ways as she can with her blade. Rude, sarcastic, blunt – but also has a heart of gold, Anjelica is as complex as they come.

Anjelica once had aspirations to rule Welkin, but those goals changed after she died at the hands of Jenna Kiss.  She was resurrected through blood magic by Oliver Merlness (The Provost) and partnered with him (initially) to serve the goddess Ursula.  After the events in episode 24, Anjelica and the Provost turned on Ursula and ultimately fought with her in the Nine Hells.

Anjelica is now, for all intents and purposes, a “sell sword” – working for those with coin in need of a warrior.  She has a lot of past evil deeds to atone for and she lives out her days now making every attempt to do so

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